List of Fan/Blower Products
Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co.

Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. is the source for centrifugal fans of the highest quality with up to 125 HP, ready for 10 to 20 day shipment. We manufacture centrifugal fans with airfoil, backward incline and radial blade wheels, square fans, cast aluminum pressure blowers, high pressure blowers, plug fans, portable dust collectors, duct fans and propeller fans.

Count on Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. to promptly deliver:

A Full Range of Standard Products

  • We specialize in cast aluminum and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel fans in the 1/4 to 125 horsepower range
  • Our wide variety of standard or modified products is available to supply your needs

Quick Customization

  • The unique manufacturing systems employed by Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. allow us to quickly and affordably customize

Quick, reliable service provided by in-house specialists and support personnel

  • Our reputation for outstanding quality and the utmost reliability is maintained by strict quality control procedures throughout all manufacturing operations
  • Precision CAD design systems and computerized fan selection programs minimize the chance for errors

Complete Commitment to Your Satisfaction

  • Since its beginning in 1956, the core operating principles of Cincinnati Fan have been excellent service, superior products, and on-time delivery.
Hartzell Air Movement Hartzell Air Movement

Hartzell Fan has been a "solution solving" fan company since 1927, supplying high quality industrial fans and blowers to help provide solutions. Hartzell has three stocking locations for our HRS (Hartzell Rapid Ship) program as well as offering custom fans to meet specific requirements. Our product line includes:

General Ventilation:

Our general ventilation equipment has a longer service life - and superior performance - compared to our competition. It is economical, yet rugged enough for heavy duty and demanding applications. Multiple propeller options are available to meet your specific needs, and we can provide a customized solution for special applications. In addition, motors and drives are quickly accessible for easy maintenance

Process Ventilation:

Hartzell Fan can provide heavy duty equipment for industrial demands in a wide range of types and styles for air volume, static pressure, and temperature challenges. We are a one-stop source for all your fan needs. Our innovative, versatile designs and quality construction make our fans built to last and can provide a customized solution for your unique ventilation problems...we have the right fan for every job.

Corrosion Resistant Products:

Fiberglass construction is recommended where corrosive elements exist in fume or vapor form. We offer a broad range of products for any corrosive application with time-tested, reliable performance and long-lasting durability. Fiberglass fans are lightweight, yet extremely strong for a long service life. We offer a variety of fiberglass props with an airfoil design, and manufacture the only fiberglass wheel in a solid, one-piece design. We can also provide a moisture-resistant coating (HartKoate) when both moisture and corrosives exist in the airstream.

Make-Up Air & Heating Equipment:

Hartzell Fan heating equipment is available with custom capabilities for both heating and cooling needs for a broad performance range. It provides the most efficient method for heating supply air from outdoors and helps other fan systems and process equipment operate more effectively. In addition, re-circulation options available.

Special Products:

Hartzell Fan can provide industrial air moving equipment to meet your specific requirements. Our marine duty equipment provides reliable, proven performance to meet the specialized needs of th emarine market.

Replacement Parts:

Replacement parts are available on all of our products.

J. E. Phillips Company represents Hartzell in California and Southern and Western Nevada.


At IAP; we see ourselves as a complete resource for industrial fans and blowers, from initial design and engineering to fabrication and delivery with ongoing service assistance since 1974.

We’re committed to providing impeccable service.
Friendly, knowledgeable and ready to go the extra mile, our staff members understand the customers always come first.

We’re dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.
Personal responsibility, great production efficiencies and rigorous checking assure high-quality products and lasting value.

We’re focused on continued growth and prosperity.
By building our very best products, our customers and our company prosper.  This helps our staff, our suppliers, and our community to realize their goals.

We foresee long-term success for IAP as we operate with honesty, integrity, and spirit.  It is a vision that extends beyond dollars to a way of working and living every day that can bring pride to us all.



  • 34 years of experience manufacturing industrial fans & blowers
  • AMCA member with certification of select fan lines
  • FanPro stand alone fan selection software
  • Fan Wizard Excel based submittal drawing program
  • Full-time sales & service staff with fan expertise to assist in proper product application
  • Pricing software to assist in timely proposal turnaround
  • Availability of standard fan lines along with the ability to customize per application
  • Full-time engineering staff with FEA, CAD & CAM tools
  • Regularly manufacture a range of fans with impellers that range from 12 inch to over 100 inch diameter
  • 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space
  • Capabilities to manufacture fans from a variety of materials including; mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • Expedited shipping, next day in some cases
Central Blower Co. Central Blower Co.

Central Blower Co. has been a major West Coast manufacturer of air moving equipment since 1964. Central Blower's product line includes forward-curved and backward-inclined centrifugal blowers that are used in industrial ventilation and restaurant and laboratory exhaust systems. Custom blowers and OEM impeller wheels are also available. We also make parts available to our customers, including Motors and Drives, Heat Slingers, Bearings, Shafts, Pulleys and Belts and Dampers. J. E. Phillips Company distributes Central Blower in California and Southern and Western Nevada.

Daniels Fans, a Cincinnati Fan Company Daniels Fans, a Cincinnati Fan Company

Daniels Fans is a leading manufacturer of high temperature industrial fans, with many thousands supplied to furnace manufacturers worldwide. Fans up to 102" diameter and Operating temperatures to 2200° F - no water cooling required.

B&W Universal UniversalAET

B&W Universal is a global provider of custom-engineered air management solutions to the power generation, oil & gas, industrial processing, rail transportation and backup power markets. Since 1959, OEMs, EPCs, Packagers and End-Users have relied on B&W Universal to engineer acoustic, emission and filtration systems and enclosures to their unique needs and back them with unparalleled support, across the entire energy generation lifecycle. Our comprehensive single-sourced solution not only meets environmental, regulatory and operational requirements, but helps operators reduce costs, improve the efficiency of equipment and eliminate safety and compliance risk.

  • Blower and fan silencers
  • Vacuum pump silencers and separator-silencers
  • Absorptive silencers and Vent silencers
  • Engine silencers and spark arrestors
  • Air filters and filter-silencers
United Blower United Blower

United Blower (UBI) was established in 1989, manufacturing competitive, innovative blower systems for the U.S. municipal and industrial markets. UBI’s certified personnel have designed, built and delivered over 7,000 blower systems including shipments worldwide. UBI has designed and tested a variety of system configurations, some based on unique customer requirements. They can supply Positive Displacement, Hi-Speed direct drive Turbo, and Regenerative blowers including all accessories with their supply, and acoustical enclosures. We represent United Blower in California, Nevada and Hawaii.